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·            The contact person for all enquiries relating to the MRA and its implementation is as follows:


Contact details:


Designating Authorities                               Contact Persons


1. Ministry of Information Industry (MII)  


   13 West Chang-An Avenue                      Name: Mr. Liu Zeping

   Beijing, China                                              Foreign affairs department

Post Code 100804                                     Tel: +86 10 66014670

http:// www.mii.gov.cn                              Fax:+86 10 66011370

                                                                     Email: zpliu@mii.gov.cn 


                                                                        Name: Mr. Yang Ruixin

                                             Telecommunication Administration Bureau

                                                                    Tel: +86 10 66025533

                                                                    Fax:+86 10 66039260

                                                                    Email: yangruixin@mii.gov.cn



2.Certification and Accreditation Administration of P.R.China


  No.9  Mar Dian Tong Road,                        Name: Mr. Shen Jin

  Hai Din District, Beijing                         Certification supervision Dep.

  China                                                            Tel: +86 10 82262755

  Post code 100088                                        Fax:+86 10 82060772

  http://www.cnca.gov.cn                              Email:shenj@cnca.gov.cn

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